Julie Weitz is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. Her videos, installations and photographs examine the experience of embodiment in the digital realm. She uses physical props, often cast from her own body parts, and combines “anti-CGI” aesthetics to make work that blurs the boundaries between sensory perception and material reality. Weitz’s immersive video installation Touch Museum premiered at Young Projects in Los Angeles in November 2015 and received critical attention in Artforum, The L.A. Times, Hyperallergic, Gizmodo and on KCRW. Other recent solo exhibitions include Archer School in Los Angeles, CA (2016), Cunsthaus in Tampa, FL (2016), Agency in Los Angeles, CA (2014), and The Suburban in Oak Park, IL (2013). Before moving to Los Angeles in 2013, Weitz was a tenured professor of art at the University of South Florida. She is a regular contributor to CARLA and is currently working on a new video project, photographic series and collaborative VR project. 

“Weitz’s videos juxtapose the physical, textural experience of living with the more remote digital universe in which we’re so often immersed,” Deborah Vankin, LA Times

For more information, visit www.julieweitz.com/