BAS Art Experience

On Saturday, July 1 and Sunday, July 2,  BLUEBIRD Art+Sound features a free, interactive art exhibition on the Base Village Lawn.

The interactive art exhibition, known as the BAS Art Experience, is curated by Los Angeles artist Jesse Fleming. Fleming is part of an emerging group of artists and technologists who are at the forefront of depicting the convergence of media art and mindfulness.

The BAS Art Experience is a fully-immersive, pop-up art exhibition featuring 20 contemporary artists from around the world including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Turkey, England, Greece and Mexico in a 2400 square foot structure. Works include leading-edge video + sound art, photography, virtual reality stations, animation, robotics and an indoor theatre.

The interior of BAS Art Experience will follow an immersive flow, allowing viewers to examine the duality of the human experience within each environment.

Curatorial Statement

“What is required now is nothing less than a leap to global empathic consciousness and in less than a generation if we are to resurrect the global economy and revitalize the biosphere. The question becomes this: what is the mechanism that allows empathic sensitivity to mature and consciousness to expand through history?”

— Jeremy Rifkin, an American economic and social theorist

The polarizing societal view of ‘us vs them’ is an American and global trend. In times of perceived threat, there is a natural instinct to retreat, but from a macro perspective, retreating within a closed system (such as a single planet), is illusory.  Our biosphere, the narrow band that extends some 40 miles from the ocean floor to outer space symbiotically supports all life on our planet. So if this goes, we all go.  By this alone, we are u/s.  Bluebird Art+Sound seeks to spur non-dualistic thought and civilized discourse with this year’s festival theme of ‘u/s’.  Yet as u/s is inclusive by definition, it also remains a provocative term and challenging topic if u/s is identified within a scope of limitation.

The BAS Art Experience goes beyond the standard festival through an amalgamation of art, technology, and mindfulness.  This showcase of artists, sometimes working as researchers and pioneers, finds inspiration in utilizing artwork as a platform for contemplation and insight.  The works dive deeply into the oscillating sense of being separate or inclusive from others and all things.  How too can this art-tech-mindfulness start to augment evolutionary deficiencies in the human system? Our curatorial goal is catalyze established and emerging art forms from painting and sculpture, video installation, virtual reality, and generative as works to explore perception and consciousness of u/s.  Through this coupling of different forms of expression, we intend to create a live, immersive public engagement that fosters both notions of accountability and possibility for our evolving global culture. We wish to form a flexible conception of self—both separate from others but also symbiotically inclusive, continuing the progression of a collective and empathetic civilization.